Custom & Replacement Air Handling Units

Coil Company has been an industry leader in building air handlers for both new and replacement applications for decades. We bring all the newest technology to both the design and performance of our central station air handling units, and we offer extensive experience in design-build and retrofit applications.

Coil Company builds units that are a cross between standard air handlers and custom units. We offer all kinds of options and accessories that allow you to semicustomize your unit. You can vary dimensions, add special sections, use painted or galvanized sections, and just generally design the unit that you need for your job. And the best part is that you’re not paying for a total custom unit. You’re getting most of what you want at “standard unit” prices.

Coil Company can tailor our selection to meet your requirements. Our software is designed to offer you the equivalent of a complete submittal at the time of our proposal to you. You will get complete performance, dimensions and choices in options and accessories. You will have a menu to choose from, so that you can design the unit that fits your space and meets your requirements for your specific job.

Also, many existing units fail to meet revised conditions or systematic conditions that might mean that you require new units to do your job. Coil Company has a wealth of experience in retrofit/replacement and nobody can do a better job of walking you through the design of your new unit. We offer suggestions and engineering recommendations that create better performance, higher efficiency and longevity. Call us and we will be happy to work with you on your next project.