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This long-lasting and durable Anti-Microbial Coil coating is resistant to most living microbes and fungi, mold, mildew, germs, Gram (+) and Gram (-) bacteria, yeast, and algae. Our coating is virtually indestructible; moving air, water/detergents, and physical touch cannot penetrate the film. The FinKote Rx anti-microbial coil coating is the best option for maintaining a clean HVAC system as it is guaranteed to kill any microbes that come in contact with the treated surface.

The Rx Anti-Microbial Coil Coating has shown to be the best option on the market for schools, hospitals, processing plants, airports, and many other commercial applications where a clean environment is required. Its chemical stability and durability make it compatible with all kinds of surfaces, materials, and manufacturing processes. Test data proves that FinKoteRx Anti-Microbial Coil Coating is still active 6 months after application, providing constant protection.


  • Long-lasting Surface protection substantially reducing ATP counts and HAI’s between regularly scheduled cleanings
  • EPA Registered product
  • Test data proves FineKote Rx is still active after 6 months providing round-the-clock protection on surfaces to which it has been applied.
  • Calvert Health data proves FinKote Rx performed 29% better than untreated surfaces and 72% better than competitors products on treated surfaces
  • Covalently bonds to a surface, creating a molecular bond with the surface to which it is applied, effectively becoming a permanent part of that surface
  • Will not change or alter surfaces to which it is applied.