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FinKote ZX Extreme Coating is a multi-layered coating process designed to withstand the world’s most challenging applications. Food processing plants, wastewater treatment facilities, airports, and refineries are locations where the extreme chemical attack occurs. FinKoteZx custom formulates a coating package designed to meet the chemical resistance requirements of the location. NSF-51 Certified and FDA compliant top coats available.

The FinKote ZX Extreme Coating has shown to be the best option on the market for schools, processing plants, airports, and other commercial applications in harsh environments. Its chemical stability and durability make it compatible with all kinds of surfaces, materials, and manufacturing processes.

FinKote ZX Extreme Environment Performance Testing

FinKote2 Coil Coating

Extreme Environment Coil Coating

Advanced Zirconium Oxide Pretreatment • Electro-deposit Epoxy Base Primer – NSF51 Certified • Cross-linked Top Coat – FDA Compliant • Extreme chemical resistance • Acid Resistant, Chlorides, Sanitizers, H2S

Performance Testing

• Corrosion: ASTM G85-A3 6900+ • Adhesion: ASTM D3359 5B • NSF – 51 Certified

FinKote ZX Properties

• EC-6100 Cathodic base primer • Proprietary Chemical Resistant Top coats • DFT – 1.5 – 2.8 ml • Max temp – 550 F Continuous

Broad Application 

Food Processing Plants, Waste Water Treatment Facilities Airports, Refineries/ Chemical Processing, Offshore Platforms, Mining