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America's 1st Coil Replacement Specialists


OEM Replacement

Save yourself the headache of purchasing a new unit. We have over 30 years of coil replacement under our belts that can help you get your existing unit back in service with the most efficient and cost-effective coils on the market!

Superior Quality

In our experience, anything less than perfect won’t do. We understand that when your HVAC system goes down, that is valuable time and money lost. Here at Coil Company, we have developed a detail-oriented process to ensure a perfect build each time.

Field Drawings

Our team of sales engineers has created a way for you to easily gather all the needed information to quickly and accurately provide you with a quote. Follow this easy-to-use guide, and let us take care of the rest. Here at Coil Company, we make replacing coils easy and stress-free.

Coil Replacement Software

We understand that finding the right size can be difficult. Lucky for you, we have the most intuitive and easy-to-use coil sizing program out there. Our free software generates performance and drawings in a few easy steps. Request the software by filling out our easy-to-use form and let the program do the rest.

What We Replace