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From design/build to large project retrofit, Coil Company has almost every type and size covered when it comes to direct-drive fan coil units. As one of the few remaining manufacturers of these smaller, high-demand units, we not only provide you with the broadest range of design options to suit your installation or exactly match a replacement, but we have your unit when you need it. Vertical and horizontal fan coils, ceiling, wall, and room-mounted units can be designed for just about any need or requirement. Special control systems and valve packages are available.

Materials and Specifications

Basic Unit

The basic unit and cabinet are fabricated of galvanized steel. Many units have decorative cabinets fabricated of heavy gauge steel, bonderized, and finished with an attractive, oven-baked paint. The condensate drain pan is fabricated of galvanized steel with closed-cell, fire retardant, foam insulation coating. Water never touches the metal pan; thus, the possibility of corrosion is minimized. Removable pan extensions are available at the coil header end of the horizontal unit to provide positive control of condensate from valves and controls. This extension, being easily removable, provides ready access to valves and piping after unit installation. Vertical units have a removable front panel lined with 1/2” woven glass fiber for thermal insulation and acoustic treatment. Removal of the front access panel provides access for easy servicing.


Coils have 1/2” O.D. copper tubes with aluminum fins mechanically bonded to the tubes. All coils are leak tested underwater and are suitable for design working pressures of 250 psig at 200° F. A variety of coil selections are available. The standard coil provides adequate capacity for most installations with an 8 to 10° design water temperature rise. A high capacity coil is offered for those installations requiring higher latent heat capabilities or those designed for a 12° water temperature rise. Also offered is a four-pipe coil consisting of standard or high capacity cooling with one and two rows of heating surface.


Standard filters are 1” throwaway glass fiber. Optional cleanable filters are available.


The fans are centrifugal, forward-curving, double-width wheels. Blower housings are galvanized steel with special rolled perimeter seams to provide added rigidity.


All motors are resilient-mounted, three-speed, with UNDERWRITERS listed thermal overload protection. Motor bearings are sleeve type of ball bearing type with oversized oil reservoirs provided to assure positive lubrication with minimum servicing required. Positive speed reduction is assured through careful matching of motor torque to blower loading. Standard motors are permanent split capacitors.


All horizontal and vertical series units are certified in compliance with AHRI. UNDERWRITERS’ LABORATORIES, INC also lists all units. This listing signifies that Coil Company’s fan coil units have been examined by UL and comply with applicable standards. Products and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Two or four-pipe, Hydronic cooling/heating, Steam, Direct-Expansion (DX) and/or Electric Heat
Different row combinations
Galvanized steel for hidden units & painted cabinets for exposed units
ECM motors
Direct Drive Horizontal 200 to 2000 CFM
Large capacity unit design
Direct Drive Vertical 150 to 2200 CFM


Hotel Space
Military Locations
Schools & Universities
Hospital & Medical Facilities
Shopping Centers
Nursing Homes
Pharmaceutical & Technology
Office Buildings
Industrial Space