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Coil Company builds tank heaters for either steam or hot water use. We offer either the bundle by itself or offer the entire tank heater assembly, including the bundle, cast or fabrication head, and sleeve which the bundle slides into. We have very few limitations on length or diameter and can size your tank heaters to match your existing tank. Coil Company also offers the same wide variety of materials for tubes and tube sheets for our tube bundles. We also build tank heaters in one week or less on an expedited order.


The equipment we build is specially made to meet your exact engineering requirements, but we also understand the time-critical projects require a quick turnaround. Our expedited production program allows us to offer coil shipments in as little as 10, 5, 3, and 1 working day guaranteed.

20 Business Days
Standard Shipment
10 Business Days
Added Premium
5 Business Days
Added Premium
3, 2, & 1 Business Days
Call for Pricing & Availability